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Back to School Checklists and more.

Your Back-to-School Freebie

Get ready for school with our freebie designed to keep you organized! Inside, you'll find practical tips for moms and kids, customizable chore charts, and detailed school routines for smooth mornings and evenings. Plus, a handy chart outlines morning, after-school, and evening routines, along with three inspirational posters to keep you motivated. Download your freebie today and start the school year right!

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Back-to-School Breakfast Mini Party

Kick off the school year with our Back-to-School Breakfast Mini Party! This kit includes everything you need for a fun and festive morning. Enjoy themed decorations, delicious breakfast ideas, and engaging activities that bring the family together. Perfect for easing first-day jitters and starting the year with excitement. Make the first day of school memorable with our Back-to-School Breakfast Mini Party!

At Cool Parties 4 Kids, we believe in fostering imagination and creativity in every celebration.


Our party packages are designed to save you time, reduce stress, and save you money so you can focus on creating precious memories with your child.

Whether celebrating a Back-to-School milestone or throwing a colorful Birthday Party, our printables and decor ideas will make your child feel extra special. Also included are games, a kid-friendly Party Menu, and more for your theme. Browse the shop and discover the perfect theme for your next unforgettable party!

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Back-to-School Breakfast Mini-Party

Back to School BreakfastKicking off th School yea Mini Party

Kicking off the school year with a fun, at-home, Back-to-School Breakfast on the first morning is a fantastic idea! It's the perfect way to get everyone excited and ready for the months ahead. A tasty and nutritious meal will give the kids the energy and focus they need to start their day strong. 

Beach Party Si

Coming Soon!

A Beach Party that will knock your      flip-flops off!

My School Years Memory Book

My School Years: Memories and Keepsakes

Save all those memories and keepsakes from preschool through 6th Grade.

The My School Year: Memories and Keepsakes is available at 50% off if you purchase the Back to School Party.

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Hi, I'm Barb, mom to four grown children and, grandmother to five wonderful grandchildren. Being a mom and a grand-mom are the best jobs I have ever had.

Our Plans and Kits help save you:

  • Time – Planning and research are done for you.
  • Stress – Create a Pinterest-Worthy Party with printables and more at your fingertips.
  • Money – The Printables allow you to create themed tableware and more without the expense of purchasing more expensive licensed items. We help you save in so many ways.

With the growing number of products available,

you will be able to find the perfect theme that will

make your child feel special

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Special Occasions

Celebrate with Family, Friends, and more with party packages that celebrate special moments like recitals, awards, sports, youth group achievements, and more.  It's wonderful to see your child work hard and achieve a goal.  

Celebrate Birthday Parties

Our Birthday Packages include nearly 100 pages of beautiful color-coordinated printables, decor ideas, game suggestions with printables (when necessary), a themed menu recipe book with recipes, craft and activity ideas, and more.  Our packages enable you to create a complete party or customize it for your needs by choosing what you want.  Have fun.

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Celebrate Holidays

Our medium-sized parties allow you to use bunches of fun, colorful printable pages. Games,  activities, and craft ideas are included to create memorable gatherings for small to large groups of friends and family.  Just add your family's favorite foods and celebrate!

Celebrate with those you love Everyday!


Back to School Party

My School Memories Book


My goal is to help you design the party of your child’s dream.   Create your magical and memorable budget-friendly-party.  Be the party planner who goes from frazzled to fantastic! 








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