Children's Party

Planning your child's special day

can be overwhelming.

There are so many pieces to put together.

Some of them are:

  • Invitations,
  • Decorations,
  • Menus,
  • Games,
  • Activities


  • Treats,
  • Photography
  • Photobooth Props,
  • Timetables 

and more…

I've got you covered.

    for all ingHi there, I'm Barb


You are probably here because you would like ideas on how to create awesome celebrations for your family. 

You are a busy parent. Work, school, sports, extra-curricular activities, and so many other responsibilities demand our time. 

Most importantly, we need to make time to connect with those we love. 

Making meals together, play games together, and just giving a spontaneous hug are important.  We can create wonderful celebrations for all these special times – planned and unplanned- that we can share forever.

 I love helping families create wonderful and memorable moments that they will share forever. was created to take most of the work away from you when planning your celebrations.  From complete Party  Plans to Holiday and Special Days Bundles, to Family Night Kits, there is something for just about anything you want to celebrate.



This is  how I can help you:

I design Plans that are easy and convenient for you to use.

Use them to take away the stress and time involved in planning a stunning celebration!

You can print what you want and need in your spare time.

Great for busy Parents!  




The research and planning have all been done for you. Decide what you want to include (maybe all of the choices?).

This allows you to customize your celebration to fit you, your child, and the wants and needs of your family.

You and your family can celebrate and enjoy at the same time!

Recipes include some traditional recipes, some with a twist and for those who prefer or need a special diet, I try to include  Gluten-Free recipes. I try to make party menus fun and friendly and try to include some healthy choices.

Family Night Kits

This kit gives you the tools to create fun quality time with your children.


Check them out here.


Birthday Party Packages

Fun themed package that inludes: Invitations, menus, games, activities, and so much more 

See the awesome completely done-for-you Birthday Parties!

Holidays and Special Days Bundles

Fun and colorful printable package to add flair and fun to your Holidays and Special Days


See them here!

One of my Food Favorites

Aebelskiver is one of my comfort foods!

A bit about me.  Hi, I'm Barb and the mother of four grown children and grandmother to five.  Both are the best jobs ever!

Remember that time before kids? For some of us it is longer ago than others. lol  

My favorite place in my childhood was living in Montana. We lived approximately half-way up a mountain on the south side of Missoula. My horse was my best friend and we spent our time exploring. A perfect place and time.

During college, I was so fortunate to be a part of a musical group that tried out for USO. The result was a summer of adventure touring the Pacific Rim and performing at US bases in South Korea, Guam, Philippines (yes, that dates me!), and more.  

After that, adulthood took over, married, and had 4 wonderful children. My family is wonderful, goofy, and like many other families.

Finding time to spend together in this very busy, often over-scheduled life, is important.  We need to make time with our children a priority. It's hard but time passes so quickly.

See You Soon!