So You Want a Sensational Celebration?

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But you don't want to:

  • Tirelessly research themes, games, menu ideas, a photo booth and props, and more,

  • Search stores and online shops for coordinating items to make your party stand out

  • Create endless to-do lists to keep everything organized.

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Ballerina Party


you are willing to do some guided DIY to create the fabulous party you know your guests will love!

Super Dad napkin rings


You want your parties to be unique!


You want parties that are beautifully coordinated from beginning to end!


You want your parties to be memorable (in a good way)!

You want it customizable to fit your wants and needs.



Kids Celebrating

Cool Parties 4 Kids is your answer!

Special Days Product Category

Special Days

Celebrating your child's special moments and wins is like giving them a big high-five for rocking life! 🎉 Whether they aced a test, scored a goal, got a gold star, or gave a great recital, it's all about cheering them on. Imagine the proud smiles and happy dances – that's the good stuff! Plus, it's a cool way to build awesome memories together. Show our little champs that we're their biggest fans! 🌟

These parties are great for families, groups, and classroom use.




Birthday Parties


It's time to throw on your party hats (yes, it's part of the printable package) and get the confetti poppin' because celebrating your child's birthday is like hosting a mini blast of joy! 🎉

From the cake (we show you three options) that's practically a sugar masterpiece to the epic decor, games, activities, menu, and more, it's a day that screams FUN. But it's not just about the stuff – it's about making your little one feel like the superstar they are. Think laughter, games, and a ton of smiles. These birthday bashes aren't just a yearly thing; they're a chance to create memories that'll stick around like the frosting on that birthday cake.

Get your party bundle-your guests supply the smiles! Let's get your party started! 🎂

Holidays Product Category image


Bringing the family together during holidays is like hitting the jackpot of good times. It's not just about the food (though let's be real, that's a big bonus!), but it's about creating amazing memories. 🎉

Add your own traditions to heartfelt moments; these family holiday shindigs are the glue that keeps us tight.  It's the laughter, the inside jokes, and the shared love that make these days sparkle.

At Cool Parties 4 Kids, the goal is to help you celebrate the major holidays and more with bright, coordinated printables to make them great!



About Cool Parties 4 Kids and me…

Barb King

I have done a fair amount of exciting things in my life. I've done spelunking, soloed an airplane, and toured parts of Asia with USO.

But the best thing I ever did was being a mom to my four great kids-now grown. Five grandchildren also bring me a lot of joy!

As my children grew, I volunteered to be a Cub Scout Leader from Tigers through Webelos. Later I enjoyed being a 4H Horse Club Leader. That was so much fun! We all made lasting friendships with unselfish and generous people. Hats off to Barb M for providing the best biscuits and gravy ever!

I come from a long line of people who love to celebrate special occasions. My mom is descended from those famous Christmas folk–the Kringle family.


My great-grandmother was Emilia Kringle. She was the best cook, baker, and everything else in her county in Iowa. Her food was admired by all – especially by great-grandpa Julius Kringle. He was my hero! He was so loved and admired that the town shut down in his honor for his funeral-to pay respects.

Then there was Grandma Alice. The art of baking skipped her generation. 🙂 Her great talent was making food look great. Her theory was that People will eat it if it is beautiful! She was, however, Queen of No-Bake Cookies.

Next comes my mom, Joanne. She is the perfect combination of both Emilia and Alice. Her food was presented beautifully and tasted incredible. Mom does everything well and it always looks beautiful. She has always been a perfectionist.

Then there is me. My goal has always been to pass on the joy of our traditions while adding our own contributions to represent our growing and changing family. Aebelskiver, a traditional round pancake is eaten for many special family times, especially breakfast. When someone makes Aebelskiver for you, that is showing much love.

My daughter won Grand Champion in Cake Decorating at our county fair. The judges were impressed with her fondant work.

It's important to pass traditions from one generation to the next. And if you want or need to create your own traditions, this is the perfect time to start!

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