9 Fun and Frugal Goodie Bag Ideas kids will love!

9 Fun and Frugal Goodie Bag Ideas kids will love!

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DIY Goodie Bags

Goodie bags have become a staple at children’s birthday parties as a token of appreciation and also, area sprinkle of the party’s theme that the little guests can take home. However, putting together these bags can become quite a task for parents, from figuring out what to include to keeping within a budget. , here's a list of creative and cost-effective DIY goodie bag ideas that not only will delight kids but also won't break the bank for the hosting parents.

Here are 9 creative ideas for goodie bags that will .

1. DIY Treat Bags:

One simple yet effective idea is to make your own goodie bags out of paper bags. These can be decorated with stickers, crayons or markers to create a personalized touch. Fill them with inexpensive treats like candy, pencils, or stickers. Having the kids decorate their own party bag is a nice addition to your party activity line-up for crafts. This would fit well into beginning activity as the guests arrive.

2. Character-Themed Favor Cups:

Instead of the traditional goodie bags, opt for character-themed plastic cups featuring popular children's characters. These can be found at most big-box stores or party supply stores, and are often less expensive than filling a bag. You can pre-fill the cups with small treats or toys that match the party theme.

Try a DIY version, while encouraging imagination and a sense of achievement by providing the materials for kids to DIY their own goodie cups. Include a plain colored, sturdy plastic cups, some stickers, and perhaps a few self-adhesive foam shapes that kids can use to decorate their cups at the party. This not only gives kids a fun activity to do but also ensures every bag is unique to its creator. Again, this would be a great activity to start the party with.

Or, instead, use plain cups and have the guests decorate them with the party theme.

3. Arts and Crafts Themed Bags:

DIY an Arts and Crafts Goodie Bag that the kids will love and allow them to take some party fun back to their homes. Tap into kids' creativity with an arts and crafts themed goodie bag. Fill it with items like coloring books, sticker sheets, a pack of crayons, and a small craft project specific to the party theme. Purchase small coloring books and crayons for the bag, along with pipe cleaners, foam shapes, to create a DIY craft masterpiece out of the items in the bag. Not only are these bags reasonable in cost, but they also provide kids with an afternoon of creative entertainment.. Please make sure that the objects included are age appropriate!

4. Mini-Plant Kits:

Offer an educational and lasting favor by crafting mini-plant kits. Get small, plant pots and small amount of soil or biodegradable pots, and packets of seeds. Kids love watching things grow and this can kickstart their interest in nature. This is a fun and science based DIY Goodie Bag.

You can add a little tag to each kit with the plant's name, planting and care instructions.

5. Animal Finger Puppets:

There are several types of finger puppets.

Adorable and fun, these can be purchased in bulk from a dollar store or discount store.

Or, print some finger puppets out. Cut them out and let the kids have wonderful creative fun. One possibility is to read a book and ask them to act out the story as you read it–very entertaining. Enjoy these free finger puppet printables from mothernatured.com.

Another Finger Puppet Kids Will Love!

6. Personalized Snack Cups:

Use a clear cup with a lid, and create custom stickers with the child's name. (Easy to do on Canva. You can get a free account and have fun there!) Fill the container with a variety of easy and tasty snacks. Fill with individual boxes of raisins, pudding, applesauce, cookies, crackers, and gummy worms. Candy choices are nearly infinite and can include candy rings, mini candy bars, various types of chips.

7. Homemade Playdough Kits:

Include homemade playdough in a range of different colors with plastic cookie cutters and molds.

8. Story-In-A-Bag for Little Bookworms

Purchase tiny backpacks or clutches and fill with age-appropriate books and goodies such as fruit snacks or small toys. If you plan ahead, backpacks can be found marked-down to super low prices at the end of school supply season. I picked some up for $3 and they are very nice. (I will use them for Travel Activity Bags for my grandchildren. Fill them with age appropriate books, coloring books and colored pencils-Crayons could easily melt in the sun, treats and games. Make traveling a bit more fun for the kids and their parents.)

9. DIY Bubble Kit

Include a Bubble Recipe, a full bottle of Bubble Mixture a Wand in the Goodie Bag!

Whether it's a traditional wand, a whimsical shape, or a multi-bubble masterpiece, these wands are sure to inspire hours of outdoor play and laughter. Creating their own Bubble Wand could be a craft at the party, which would make the bag even more meaningful. Bring the joy of bubbles to your party with our DIY Bubble Recipe and Wand Goodie Bag, where imagination takes flight with every shimmering sphere!

Regardless of your budget, there are endless creative ideas out there for goodie bags that can make your child's party unforgettable. Try to incorporate low-cost and high-entertainment themes in all forms of the goodie bag! Your child and their friends will thank you for it!

The essence of a great goodie bag is as much about the joy it brings as the message it sends — about sharing, fun, and the value of a thoughtful gift. With these creative and budget-friendly ideas, you can deliver all that and more, showing children that parties are not just about consumption, but creation and imaginative play. Ensure that the party's spirit doesn't end when the goodie bag is emptied, but carries on with the memories made and the activities they can enjoy at their own pace. And remember, it's all about the frugal fun!

By personalizing goodie bags and selecting items that are engaging and perhaps even a bit educational, you can create a fun and memorable experience for the kids that attend your child's party. And finally, Happy party planning!

Unleash the Fun: DIY Party Favor Ideas That Kids Will Love!

Unleash the Fun: DIY Party Favor Ideas That Kids Will Love!

Planning your kid's birthday bash and want to make it extra special? Here are some great party favor craft ideas for you– DIY party favors that will have the young ones grinning from ear to ear! Forget store-bought goodies; let's dive into the world of crafting and create unforgettable memories for your child and their friends.

Personalized Goodie Bags:

Check out this colorful and fun paper party bags from modpodgerocksblog.com
Start the party on a high note with personalized goodie bags. Grab plain bags and let the kids unleash their artistic side with markers, stickers, and glitter. They can decorate their own bags, making each one unique, special and a fun reminder of the celebration. Craft a bag that is a part of your party favor.

DIY Party Goodie Bags

The party kids would enjoy themed stickers (a much less messy craft) Let you imagination soar and offer glitter, stickers, to customized the bags to enhance your party theme.

DIY Slime Jars:

Another DIY party favor craft idea from apumpkinandaprincess.com

These are so cute and I appreciate that the slime is confined to the plastic jar. It is important to use a plastic jar that has a smaller chance of breaking.

These mesmerizing jars are filled with custom-made slime in vibrant colors and captivating textures. For a clean version, leave the objects and slime in the jar and rotate it to see how it changes. Kids get to take home not just a jar of slime but a portable universe of fun and creativity that will keep them entertained long after the celebration is over. It's a hands-on experience that turns any party into a slime-tastic sensational party favor craft! Please make sure that the objects are age appropriate for the age group you are working with.

Scented Playdough Jars:

Get this great recipe from Helenbackcafe.com treat.

Create a sensory experience with scented playdough jars. Make batches of playdough in different colors and scents (think lavender, mint, or citrus). Package them in small jars, and kids will have a delightful and aromatic playtime souvenir. These scented wonders not only engage the senses but also provide hours of imaginative play. Scented Pay Dough is a wonderful take home gift. Another great party favors.

Build-Your-Own Bracelets:

There are so many ideas out there to create fun bracelets for kids. This one, from Kids Activities Blog, is so easy! Because safety concerns. This is an interesting read about balloon safety from VeryWellFAmily. I would use these not as an activity or craft, but as a party favor to be sent home. As always, be thoughtful and plan age appropriate activities and favors for your guests.

Let the little fashionistas shine by providing a build-your-own bracelet station. Gather an array of beads, strings, and charms, and watch as the kids create their stylish accessories. Not only is it a fun activity, but they also leave with a one-of-a-kind bracelet to show off to their friends.

Seedling Planting Kits:

This idea could be used for quite a few party themes. An example from SimplyMoxie. You could also use a plant seedling instead of seeds.

Encourage a love for nature by gifting seedling planting kits. Provide small pots, soil, and a variety of seeds. Kids can plant their seeds during the party and take home a little pot of potential greenery. It's a gift that keeps on growing!

DIY Superhero Capes:

This is a great no-sew tutorial for Super Hero Capes.

Turn your little guests into superheroes with DIY superhero capes. Provide plain capes, fabric markers, and stickers. Let the kids unleash their super creativity, decorating their capes with their unique superhero symbols. They'll leave the party feeling like they can conquer the world! This is a party craft favor that will be enjoyed long after the party.

Mini Terrariums:

From Crafting Chicks comes a great craft for multiple ages of party goers. It's great because the plants are artificial and never require watering. For safety sake, I would substitute plastic ball jars which are available on the internet.

Bring a bit of nature indoors with mini terrariums. Provide small glass jars, pebbles, soil, and small succulents or air plants. Kids can assemble their mini garden during the party and take home a little piece of nature.


Planning a memorable and enjoyable party doesn't have to break the bank. With these DIY party craft ideas, you can add a personal touch to your child's celebration while keeping it fun and budget-friendly. So, gather your crafting supplies, let the creativity flow, and watch as the kids leave the party with smiles on their faces and a bag full of fantastic DIY goodies!

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