Family Time

Taking time to create lasting memories as a family is so important.  Being able to remember those formal and informal moments that bind people together.  Happy memories are like comfort food. They take us to a happy place.  Let's make great memories!

Plan Family Fun & Special Days for 2019!

. Would you like to have more fun, less stress and true quality time with your family in 2019?   Plan family fun and special days intentionally.  We always include birthdays and anniversaries, but this year add plan a bit of surprise to your family calendar and...

October-Family Bucket List

A Family Fun Bucket List for October! October is a wonderful month of the year, filled with so much potential for family fun including fun with leaves, enjoying pumpkin pie and apples! Go Apple picking at an apple orchard. Create a craft with fallen leaves. Find some...

October Family Fun Activities pt. 1

Who wants to have lots of October Family Fun?  October Family Fun--part 1  WE ALL DO!!!!  Here in the northern hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and colder.  The weather for many of us is becoming cooler---just the beginning of cold weather. Autumn is...

July family fun

July Family Fun Activities       part 2 July family Fun Continues! The weather here in the northern hemisphere is getting pretty warm. Maybe you spend a lot of time at the pool, or in air-conditioning but....there are still many fun things you can do. Find calendar...

July Family Fun Ideas! part 1

July Family Fun 30 days of summer fun in July pt. 1   Now that we are in July and the middle of summer, the sun is high in the sky, and as they say, Summertime and the living is easy... You can get access to the July Family Fun Calendar in the resource library...

June family Fun part 2

 June Family Fun Continues. The FAMILY FUN FOR JUNE starts here! June 16.     Fresh Veggies Day.   Have fun being artistic with your food and then eat it.  Create a penguin out of an eggplant, give a pineapple personality, make a sheep put of cauliflower, blue...

Family Fun Ideas for June pt.1

June Family Fun Ideas! Free days, fun days, days to rest and days to explore! This is a calendar of fun possibilities for you to explore!   It is available in the Resource Library.  You can sign up for this and more.  The Resource Library is growing so that we can...


Ballerina Party


My goal is to help you design the party of your child’s dream.   Create your magical and memorable budget-friendly-party.  Be the mom who goes from frazzled to fantastic. Be your child’s SUPER MOM!


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