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Birthday Planning Guide for Kids

Get the Birthday Party Planning Guide for Kids– It's time to celebrate another year in the journey of your child's life.

Party Planning Guide for Kid's Parties

“By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail.”

—Benjamin Franklin

It often seems like party planning can be either so simple or way too complicated.

First of all—You want:

  • Your child to have a great party
  • The guests to have a great experience and enjoy celebrating with your child.
  • By the way, I am sure you don't want to go broke. That comes later. I know because I have four grown children.

So how do you create this remarkable and unique experience for your child?

Having a Birthday Party Planning Guide helps you stay on track so that during the birthday party planning process you can stay focused on the steps necessary to create a wonderful celebration. It is more than helpful-It is necessary.

Certainly, a Birthday Party Planning Guide is essential for the smooth flow of planning for that fantastic and memorable party.  It helps avoid the scattered doing things in a here and there pattern.

A Birthday Party Planning Guide charts a directed, logical planning flow that results in a coordinated and meaningful moment not only for your child but additionally for all those who attend the celebration.  Most significantly, it helps avoid the stress that can accompany party planning.

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Do you want help in planning a party-specific to your child, that reflects the personality and interests of your child?

The Birthday Party Planning Guide for Kids will help you.

Birthday Party Planning Guide for Kids

The Birthday Planning Party Guide will help ensure that your party:

  • Is well-coordinated and well-planned,
  • Fits the needs of your family,
  • Meets the requirements of your party guests
  • Works with your budget
  • Addresses unforeseen circumstances
  • Results in an incredible memory-making celebration you and your child.

                                                            Birthday Party Planning Guide for Kids

Don't panic!

Here are some things to consider when you plan the party so that the experience is a wonderful experience for all those you love and care for.

THEME: A find a quiet time where you and your child can sit down and discuss ideas.

  1. Consider hobbies, favorite movies, books, favorite sports and more
  2. Have fun with your child while making it fun quality time with a favorite snack.
  3. You could consider making it a unique time together by going out for a treat like an Ice Cream Sundae.
  4. Above all, it’s about enjoying your time together.

BUDGET: This needs to near the beginning of the planning process.

  1. By having a longer planning time, you may be able to save more money for the party. You will have more opportunity to find items on sale and have more time for DIY projects.
  2. Planning a party at home can be a money saver.

DATE: Choose a date and time that is good for your birthday child, and also consider:

  1. School events,
  2. Extracurricular events
  3. National Holidays,
  4. Other family events,
  5. Finally, consider different dates that might affect choosing a date and time.


—This is often determined by the ages of the children.

  1. 1st and 2nd Birthday-The party is mainly for the parents. Because of the age of the children, all children should be accompanied by their parents. One hour is often considered appropriate.
  2. But again, this part is mainly for the parents to commemorate the 1st birthday.
  3. Consider nap-time to help ensure a happy event, including both one-year-old children their siblings and parents.

Need to Know tips for a 1st Birthday

  1. Toddlers-Similar guidelines for to those of toddlers.  It is highly recommended for parents to stay with their child during the party. Nap-time should also be a consideration.  Less time is more for young children. HOW MANY CHILDREN SHOULD I INVITE?

— While it is important to realize that the number of guests is often determined by the ages of the children attending, an event that is also a family gathering has a different set of guidelines appropriate for your family.

PARTY DÉCOR: Decide how much you want to DIY.

  1. Decide what do you want or need to purchase?
  2. What can you DIY?  What do you want to DIY?
    While doing things by yourself or with family/friends can take some time, you can often save money while adding that custom element to your party.
    4. Decide how much time you have or need to create items for the party.
    5. You may want to devote your time and money to those things that have that wow factor that will make your party memorable.

GAMES AND ACTIVITIES: Consider the ages and attention spans of the children attending the party.

  1. Will you have enough adult helpers to provide the necessary supervision for the games?
  2. While you consider games/activities that will add to your theme, consider:
  • Do you have space and props needed for the games?
  • Overall, — Do they enhance the theme of your party?
  • And are they age appropriate?

Birthday Party Planning Guide for Kids


  1. Make the Menu Kid Friendly!
  2. Plan enough for children and helper
  3. Consider the time of day for the party, which will help determine the type of menu provided.
  4. Do you want a dessert table instead or would you like include a meal menu dessert and also a dessert table.  How about a healthy snack menu.
  5. How do I determine if people with food allergies or sensitivities will be attending?
  6. Do you need to consider food allergies or sensitivities?
  7. Does the food compliment the theme?
  8. Most Importantly, (for many people) will you have a cake, cupcakes or a combination?


  1. Will you decide to pay for professional entertainment to come to the house?
  2. Would you be able to find neighborhood teens to read and/or act out stories or skits?
  3. Can your games and/or activities also be your entertainment?
  4. Will you provide entertainment as well as games and activities?
  5. If you are providing both entertainment and games/activities, then how will you balance party time and children's' attention?


  1. First, consider the age group you are planning for.
  2. All items should be age-safe and age-appropriate.
  3.  What will you include in the goodie bags?
  4. a.Food/candy items
    b. Coloring books/crayons
    c. Lego blocks or other toys in zip-lock bags
    d. Will your party craft be a substitute for a goodie bag?
    e. Books related to your theme
    f. Finally, What else could you add to enhance the party theme?

GIFTS: Opening gifts-2 schools of thought.

  1. Will you open gifts at the party?
  2.  Or will you choose to open them after the party?
  3. How will you keep track of who gave what?
  4. Lastly, do you provide a “Thank You” with the Goodie bag or send a snail-mail note later?


  1. It’s a good idea to wind your party down so that the children know that it is nearing time to go home.
  2. Will, you read a book?
  3. Could you use a circle activity-quiet game.?
  4. In addition to quiet time games,


If you plan an outdoor party–be prepared for rain or other inclement weather.
Do you have phone numbers readily available for the children in case one feels ill?
Then, there are always unforeseen circumstances, brainstorm so you can be ready for whatever happens.

To summarize…Well, let's keep it simple and…

Let CoolParties4Kids help you create your own custom party!

To sum it up–let help you plan an amazing party.  The Party Plans include a mega-collection of printables for you to pick and choose from.  Additionally, menu suggestions and recipes, games and activities, decorating ideas and so much more are included. 

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