Back-to-School Party

This medium-sized party allow you to use the approximately 100 pages of fun, colorful printables to help you celebrate Back-to-School. Plus, get a link to the Pinterest Back to School Board!

A bit about me.  Hi, I'm Barb and the mother of four grown children and grandmother to five.  Both are the best jobs ever!

When my children were growing up I was a Cub Scout Leader (Tigers through Webelos-and in one year I was leader to three groups-yes I survived.)  Being a 4H leader was wonderful. I was so fortunate to be able to work with both kids and horses. It doesn't get much better than that.

All four grown children are life long learners. Three of the four were home-schooled. The result is one studied in both China and Japan, and now has a Master's Degree . One is an Electrical Engineer/Bio-Medical Emphasis and now the youngest has earned a Ph.D. in Harp Performance.  She now teaches at a University. Most of the time it has been fun, with a bump or two.

My education includes a BA in Secondary Education/English with a strong helping of Journalism and Art.  But my best experience has been working with my own children and others. I believe a parent's most important job is to help their child(ren) find their talents or gifts and then nurture them to seek their true potential and happiness.

Hats off to parents!