Why is Family Night Important?

Research has shown that families who spend quality time together receive many benefits. Some of the benefits for children are:

  • Building bonds between family members
  • Improving confidence in children
  • Lessening sibling rivalry
  • Improving socialization skills
  • Encouraging curiosity
  • Improving motor skills
  • Improving problem solving
  • They are less likely to exhibit behavioral problems
  • They show superior performance in school

But most importantly, you and your children are creating life-long memories that will bring smiles and happiness for years and years to come.


  • Family
  • Food
  • Reading
  • Art
  • STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math)
  • Games and Fun Times.

You can find the tools and more here.

It's hard to be a parent. I know, I have been there. Schedules, school, extra-curricular activities,  work, cooking, cleaning and so much more.

That's where the Family Night Kits can help.

The work has been done for you. 

You decide what to do, what to print, and when.

You can use the activities over and over.

You get over 70 printable pages of food table decor, instructions, games, jokes, and riddles, a super play-dough recipe, and colorful photo-booth signs.

Taco Themed Food Suggestions and Decorative Table Printables

  1. 4 Color Family Night Signs
  2. 1 Mid-sized Banner
  3. 20 Labeled Table Tents
  4. 8 Unlabeled Table Tents
  5. 9 Flag Straws
  6. 1 Large, 1Small 2 Liter Soda Bottle Labels
  7. 9 Jokes and RIddles Cards
  8. 3 Size Labels for Jokes and Riddles Container


Great Taco Themed Age Appropriate Reading Suggestions

Two books are recommended for this theme. Both are fun and entertaining.

One selection encourages young children to help with meal preparation–under Adult Supervision-naturally. Itis a great way to introduce young ones to help with family chores.



Games, Riddles and Jokes

The taco bar Family Night includes:

  • Build a Taco Name the Ingredients Games for color recognition and Food Identification
  • 9 Jokes and Riddles Cards
  • 3 Tic Tac Toe Game Cards with color-coordinated playing pieces
  • 6 Game Cards with coordinating pieces-so that it allows 6 players each with a different board

Taco Themed Arts and Crafts

  • Great recipe for homemade play-dough to make cacti and extend it to create a desert diorama
  • Homemade cactus sculpture from box-type cardboard. It allows you to recreate your masterpiece as often as you want.
  • The taco from the Build a Taco game can be used as  stand-alone  art.

A Simple STEM Activity to introduce Chemistry

Introduce simple chemistry by using taco sauce to clean a penny.  The accompanying worksheets help your budding scientist to take on the persona of a STEM  Wizard.

Fun and Colorful Photo Booth Printables

Enjoy your evening! Record your evening for those moments you want to share. Included are 10 Photo-Booth Props.


Make Your Own History

Remember forever!

Enjoy your family time. With the Family Night Kits, the researching, planning, printables, and more are DONE FOR YOU!

With the Taco Family Night Kit, you receive fun and colorful printables to set the mood to celebrate with your favorite taco Bar “Fixins.”  Just print, cut, and set up. Use what you want and leave the rest for another time. You can use this kit over and over.

You decide to use one, two or more of the activities.  You provide the printer, paper and the basics, and they are basic items found around most homes. If not, they are easily attainaable in your local grocery store.




Get it NOW!