Special Days

Get ideas on how to celebrate those special days in our lives.


Families celebrating the every-day and special days help build strong relationships that can last decades and generations.  Some of these days may long-standing family traditions. You may make new traditions totally meaningful for your family. 

Your traditions tell your family story. Our stories remind us of what helped build our families and can strengthen our ties with each other. The events may be as “small” as a family recipe passed from one generation to another. 

My family has a very strong Danish background and Aebelskiver (OH SO GOOD!) is a treasured recipe that we pass down to the next generation.  My dear sweet daughter-in-law- said she felt so happy when I gave her an Abelskiver pan for Christmas.  It meant that I loved her like family and helped her feel at home and a part of her new family.  She makes Aebelskiver for my son's birthday and other special days.

My Great Grandmother, Emilia, was known throughout the county she lived in Iowa as one of the best cooks and bakers of her day. Baking together is a wonderful way of bonding. My daughter and I share the love of baking—We made this cake for a wedding in the family.

Celebrate accomplishments,


and the everyday joy of being together.


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