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Free Christmas Memory BookOur printable Christmas Memory Book is a fun way to gather together and remember 2018.  Record the memories you and your family created this 2018.  What do you would like to repeat for 2019? Have fun together and make your memories lasting.  During times you want to feel warm and fuzzy, pull the Memory Book out and enjoy.

And the Free Christmas Memory Book is our gift to you is our gift to you.

The 10-page book is downloadable and printable.

Pages include:

  • Cover
  • A page for a photo of your Christmas Tree
  • Your Christmas Menu
  • 2 pages for photos of your friends and family
  • Your Favorite Memories of 2018
  • Favorite Gifts- given
  • Favorite gifts- received
  • Things to remember for 2019
  • Merry Christmas form Positively Party Printables

Free Christmas Memory Book

Each page is simply designed to allow you the freedom of creativity to record your memories.

Photograph your Christmas Tree.  Maybe the kids will want to draw a picture of the tree, the food, friends and family for their very own book.  Make as many as you want. One for the Family.  One for each person in the family.

When you prepare for Christmas 2019, pull the 2018 Memory Book out and remind yourself of what you would like to repeat. What would you like to change? What pictures do you want to make sure you take.  Do you want to make a list of pictures you definitely want? Are there foods you want to try next year?

Use Your Christmas Memory Book to Record the Christmas Memorie of 2018.


The Memory Book is to be used and enjoyed!

Please accept this gift from Positively Party Printables. As we prepare to say “Good-bye” to 2018, let's do it with a fondness for what we have received.   Let's prepare for 2019 and make it the best year ever!

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Merry Christmas!  Enjoy your Christmas Memory Book.

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