October Family Fun Activities pt. 1

October Family Fun Activities pt. 1

Who wants to have lots of

October Family Fun? 

October Family Fun–part 1

 WE ALL DO!!!! 

Here in the northern hemisphere, the days are growing shorter and colder.

 The weather for many of us is becoming cooler—just the beginning of cold weather. Autumn is here. There is plenty of time for October Family Fun. So enjoy the outdoors fun before the cold weather.  Apples, pumpkins, and changing leaves paint a beautiful scene for us to enjoy before the cold weather sets in.

October 1.  National Homemade Cookies Day.   

Baking makes the house smell good!

National Homemade Cookie Day


Today is Homemade Cookies Day! Rather than stop by the store for your favorite brand of cookie, bake up your batch of cookies today! Whether you use a family recipe or browse online for a fun new treat to try, today is the perfect day to bake up delicious cookies.

Cookies originated from extra cake batter that Dutch bakers experimented with cooking at varying oven temperatures. Eventually, they got it right, realized how yummy they are, and named these tiny cakes “cookies!”

What's your favorite cookie ingredient – chocolate chips, peanut butter, nuts, sprinkles? There are too many types to name! To celebrate Homemade Cookies Day, find a great recipe and get creative in your kitchen today!  Source: Homemade Cookies Day

October 2. 1902 – The Tale of Peter Rabbit is published.

PeterRabbit.com is an excellent website to explore with your young one.  There are games (which I enjoyed).  Some are best played after watching or reading the story.  Her artwork is quietly breath-taking–calming.  Enjoy this wonderful classic!

October 3.  The Space Shuttle Atlantis Day   The Space Shuttle Atlantis made its maiden flight in 1985.

Space Shuttle Atlantis Day


Download a PDF from NASA.GOV and create a paper shuttle.  Explore the site and find coloring books, full-color shuttle mission posters, what is involved in a countdown and so much more.   No time to be bored today…

Oct 4. National Taco Day

Everyone loves tacos!  Today, make them with your family.  Try one or more of 18 delicious looking recipes from Community Table

Let me know which ones you like best!

National Taco Day

Oct. 5  Do Something Nice Day

Do something nice day

 Oct 6.  World Smile Day 

World Smile Day celebrates the ever popular smiley face

“Scientist and spiritual teachers alike agree that the simple act can transform you and the world around you.

Current research (and common sense) shows us that a smile is contagious  

It can make us appear more attractive to others. It lifts our mood as well as the moods of those around us. And it can even lengthen our lives.”

 sourced from PsychologyToday.com

Oct. 7   World Card Making Day

This is a great idea to start building your card inventory.

Oct. 8   American Touch Tag Day

Touch Tag is considered a playground game.  One player is “it” and chases the other players, attempting to touch or tag them. Once someone new is tagged, that person becomes “it.”  There are many variations of the game.  The once popular game has suffered a bit in the past few years.  Some adults feel that there is a strong chance of injury and have banned it from some school playgrounds.

Oct. 9  Moldy Cheese Day   Need I say more?

Oct. 10.   National Angel Food Cake Day

Angel Food Cake is light and airy. It is so different from other cakes.  It is often paired 7-minute frosting or fresh whipped cream and seasonal berries.  Soooooo Good!  My Grandma Alice is the best when it came to baking this cake and I have many memories of tip-toeing around the house so the cake would not fall.  It was such a treat.

Oct. 11  International Spinning Top Day

International Top Spinning Day


Oct. 12  Farmers Day

When I lived on the farm I loved the sound of the combines working through the night.  It usully meant an abundant harvest.   It was a comforting sound.

This is one of my sons on the farm. 

My children developed a strong work ethic and respect and love for their livestock.  
Image may contain: one or more people and outdoor

 Oct. 13  World Egg Day

What did the egg say to the clown?

You crack me up.


Why did the egg go to school?

To get egg-ucated.

For fun egg jokes and puns go to  http://laffgaff.com/egg-puns-and-jokes/       http://www.eggs.org.nz/egg-jokes/


Oct. 14 National Dessert Day

 If you want to make a fantastic dessert, try this one.  It's from Mommypotamus.

Salted Chocolate Almond Butter Cups

Almond Butter Cups Recipe

For more Family Fun Ideas take a look at The Family Bucket List.

Looking forward to seeing you soon,

And sharing more Family Fun times!!!!

 you may want to add some of the Apple Cider Recipes to your days.

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DIY an Awesome Caramel Apple Bar for a Fantastic Family Night

DIY an Awesome Caramel Apple Bar for a Fantastic Family Night

Have a Fantastic Family Fun time-Back to School

It's that time of year for many of us. It's Back to School TIme.

This annual right of passage deserves a Back to School Party for your family.  Enjoy this fun time by Inviting your friends and family to enjoy your Back to School Party.

To mark this exciting time of year, CoolParties4Kids.com has created a Mini-Party of Printables to help you enjoy this last bit of summer. It's big for a “mini-party!”

It's time to celebrate!

Back to school party

Back to School Mini-Party with party printables, study door hangers, bookmarks, and lunchbox cards.

Enjoy that last bit of summer. Relax and enjoy your family before the activities of the new school year start.


  • Invite your friends and family.—No invitations, just call and invite them over-This is meant to be a spontaneous, low-key event.
  • The Back to School Party is a mini-party.
  • Plan your fun food! See the great fun and healthy ideas below.

Get your Back to School Party Printables here!

back to school party banner-coolparties4kids.com

Back to School Mini-Party with party printables, study door hangers, bookmarks, and lunchbox cards.

  • Decorate with flashcards, globes, books, and chalkboards.
  • Put the food out and enjoy!  Some colorful and healthy recipes are shared below.

When I thought about what I would like my kids to have to help anticipate a great new school year, I added Study Door Hangers and Fun Bookmarks. And who can forget the lunchbox cards that add a bit of encouragement to “those” days?

back to school party-coolparties4kids.com

Back to School Mini-Party with party printables, study door hangers, bookmarks, and lunchbox cards.

Back to school party bonuses

Also included is a PhotoBooth Package of printables to help you record your new school year!

Get a detailed description of the Back to School Mini Party here.

Though busy times are ahead, there is always time for family and friends and celebrating a new phase of growing up and together.  Pick your date, call your family and friends and enjoy your time together.

Here are some great recipes to celebrate the new school year in style and gluten-free friendly.

Start your day off right with this two-toned Mango Raspberry Sunshine Yogurt Smoothie recipe. Easy to make and a healthy snack, too!

Great for your party! Make this festive two-toned Mango Raspberry Sunshine Yogurt Smoothie recipe. Easy to make and a healthy snack, too!

Try this delicious  MANGO RASPBERRY SUNSHINE YOGURT SMOOTHIE from Cooking on the Front Burner

Kid Friendly Cucumber Sushi for Back-to-School | Quick & fun kids lunchbox idea - perfect for school lunches! Healthy & easy gluten & sandwich free recipe - This school lunch recipe would be perfect for a gluten free meal plan or as an appetizer for a party. #GlutenFree #GlutenFreeRecipe #LunchBox #LunchBoxRecipe #MealPlan #appetizer

Kid-Friendly Cucumber Sushi for Back-to-School | Quick & fun kids lunchbox idea – perfect for school lunches! Healthy & easy gluten & sandwich free recipe – This school lunch recipe would be perfect for a gluten-free meal plan or as an appetizer for a party.



cloud jellies-

Cloud Jellies and healful kids food

Healthy Cloud Jellies as seen on Kidgredients.com.au

Child Holding Container of Frozen Banana Treats

Enjoy Healthy Frozen Banana Treats for Back to School Party

FROZEN BANANA TREATS  from HealthyLittleFoodies    —   So Simple and So Fun

These  ASIAN PORK MEATBALLS WITH GINGER HONEY SAUCE from SOUFLLECOMBAY.com look incredible and I can't wait to try them.

Asian Pork Meatballs With Ginger Honey Sauce


So relax with family and friends before the on-slot of the academic year begins.


July family fun

July family fun

July Family Fun Activities       part 2

July family Fun Continues! The weather here in the northern hemisphere is getting pretty warm. Maybe you spend a lot of time at the pool, or in air-conditioning but….there are still many fun things you can do.

Find calendar activities for the beginning of the month here!

July 15.  National Tapioca Day.  

Tapioca is a starch that is extracted from the root of the cassava plant. It is from the northwest regions of Brazil. As it lacks nutritional value and food energy, it is used as a thickening agent in manufactured foods.  

I love tapioca pudding and want to share a couple of recipes with you: Old fashioned tapioca pudding and a super simple slow-cooker recipe.  Many people like it served cold but try some warm—it is definitely a comfort food.

For the younger and adventurous ones in your group, try the following-Bubble Tea and clear slime. Both will add some fun to your summer days.

JUNE 16.  National Ice Cream Day.  

How many licks does it take to eat a scoop of ice cream?  What are the three most popular flavors of ice cream – in order?  Do you want the recipe for Thomas Jefferson's loved ice cream? The answers and more here

Make your ice cream, or buy ice cream of your favorite flavors and make an ice cream sundae bar. Make your ice cream without an ice cream maker….

JUNE 17.  Yellow Pig Day

June-Yellow Pig Day

June 17 is a day for mathematicians.  

“Legend has it, Princeton University graduate students, Michael Spivak and David Kelly, came up with the wacky idea back in the 60's. The two students were working on the interesting properties of the number 17 and came up with a fictional pig character that had 17 teeth, toes, eyelashes, etc. No one is quite sure how or why they came up with the figure, but that's part of the fun! While animals of a different hue are nothing new (purple cows, blue bunnies, and pink elephants, for instance), this little piggy was yellow.” Holidailies

Hampshire College has a day full of activities for the summer high school students.

To celebrate today, make or decorate a cake and cut it into 17 pieces and share and join those around the country in college — Brush up on your mathematical skills!

JUNE 18.  Father's Day

Find tips on finding a great location, food, entertainment and presents here!

June Father's Day Picnic

June 19.  National Hot Dog Day 

June National Hot Dog Day

June 19 is a great time to try new hot dog recipes.  How about The Tiki Dog, The Frito Pie Dog, The French Onion Dog, The Monte Cristo Dog, the Nacho Dog, and more.  Several fast food chains and convenience stores across America are offering free or discounted hot dogs to their customers on this day.  In the past Sonic, 7-11, Quick-Trip and Kangaroo Express have offered discounted Hot Dogs. Check with your local establishments to see if they are offering discounts today.

June 20. There may be two Fortune Cookie Days.

 One of them is today, and the other is September 13.  Celebrate both!  The Fortune Cookie is most popular in the United States and may have originated in Japan, not China as many assume.  So, even they are not from China, try making them at home. Homemade is almost always better. 

 June 21. National Tug of War Day  

All you need to play Tug-of-War are some friends and rope. The longer the rope is, the more fun you will have.  Divide the participants evenly and stand on either side of the rope.  Find a spot on the ground to mark as the middle.  Each team grabs the ropes. A bystander yells “GO, ” and the pulling begins.  The objective is for one team to pull the other team over the mark on the ground. When the whole team has been pulled across the mark, the team pulling them across is the winner.  This is a real sport in some parts of the world as seen here.

 JULY 22. National Day of the Cowboy  

June Day of the Cowboy

The National Day of the Cowboy
Code of Conduct for Cowboys & Cowgirls©

1. Live each day with honesty and courage.

2. Take pride in your work. Always do your best.

3. Stay curious. Study hard and learn all you can.

4. Do what has to be done and finish what you start.

5. Be tough, but fair.

6. When you make a promise, keep it.

7. Be clean in thought, word, deed, and dress.

8. Practice tolerance and understanding of others.

9.  Be willing to stand up for what’s right.

10. Be an excellent steward of the land and its animals.

JULY 23. National Parents' Day 

   On National Parents’ Day, we honor all parents do every day to raise up their children in a world that is constantly changing and challenging.  President Clinton established National Parents Day in 1994.  It was created to support the role of parents in raising children. So today, spend time with your parents and call them if they are not close.  If they are close, spend some time together doing family together activities.  Start a memory book, make a meal together, create a new family tradition, plan a family activity calendar, or just read together.  Sometimes, it's just the time spent together to create stronger bonds.  Today is also Vanilla Ice Cream Day.  Get everyone together and have ice cream sundaes with all the fun fixings:  Choose from the 74 fixings listed here or add Best Ice Cream Toppings or create your own.

JULY 24. National Tell an Old Joke Day.   

“How do the all the Oceans say “hello” to each other?  They wave!”

There are knock-knock jokes, wordplay jokes, and just silly fun jokes.  Frugal Fun for Boys and Baby Center have some great jokes for kids. The kids can pick their favorites and rehearse their delivery and have a family joke night. This is also Cousins Day.  If you have cousins, give them a call if they are too far away to see in person.  Have a relaxed, fun day with your family. You could even have a family stand-up comedy night with everyone sharing their new jokes.

JULY 25.  Hot Fudge Sundae Day  

Hot Fudge Sundaes are my very favorite dessert in the world.  When I have individual time with my adult children, it is often spent talking while eating a hot fudge sundae.  When we talk about getting together, it usually means “Let's have Hot Fudge” meaning a Hot Fudge Sundae.  It is a simple thing but still very special to us.  This recipe is like the one my mom has used, (but she never wrote it down!)   So I will share this from Amber of Crazy Little Things.   Once the sauce is made, you can use her recipe for Hot Fudge Sundae Cupcakes for something special!

July 26.  Aunt and Uncles Day.  

A family support system is a treasure to all families.  If we are fortunate enough to have family nearby, life can be so much easier.  Need a babysitter?  Family emergencies are often easier to handle with people to lend a hand and emotional support.  Aunts and Uncles can be invaluable, that someone close that your child can go to for advice, aid, support, and fun.  July 26 is a day to recognize those great aunts and uncles and the contribution they can make for those they love and love them back.

July 27. National Walk on Stilts Day

July 28  World Conservation Day

July 29  International Tiger Day

July 30  Paperback Book Day 

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July Family Fun Ideas! part 1

July Family Fun Ideas! part 1

July Family Fun

30 days of summer fun in July pt. 1


Now that we are in July and the middle of summer, the sun is high in the sky, and as they say, Summertime and the living is easy…

You can get access to the July Family Fun Calendar in the resource library along with the PDF that accompanies this article.  If you haven't signed up for the resource library, take a minute and sign up here.  



July 1. July 1st is a great day for calendar choices.  It is American Zoo Day and International Cherry Pit Spitting Day. If you live close to a zoo, then take the time and learn an excursion and watch the animals and learn about them and their native habitats.  The American Zoo Association lists events for the month in their calendar.  Maybe a zoo near you has a special day or activity planned.  If you need to find a zoo, you can use their zoo finder to locate one.  Discover, Learn, Connect has a Zoo Scavenger Hunt free printable available —

International Chery Pit Spitting Day

 can be done in your own backyard. For technique and tips, you can refer to the  Pit-Spit Competiton Rules. Keep it laid back or get serious–just have fun while eating delicious and healthy treat-Cherries!

July 2.  Today, choose from National Build a Scarecrow Day and World UFO DAY.  Building a scarecrow is often done in the summer to scare birds away from a garden.  They are also used to decorate for the autumn, along with straw bales and pumpkins.  If you have a garden, try it now or maybe so a practice scarecrow for the autumn.  There a lot of Youtube Videos with instructions for building a scarecrow.  The following may you some inspiration to create a unique scarecrow.  Be creative!


World UFO Day

World UFO DAY.  WORLD UFO DAY.com is a fun and informative site with suggestions for having a child's party: including printing out an alien mask, cupcake ideas and more.  Rent a movie! Watch aliens-good and not so good.  Write your own story about aliens going to Earth.  Some suggestions include Galaxy Quest, “To Serve Man” (1962 episode of “The Twilight Zone”), “Men in Black” 1,2, and 3, Independence Day, any or all of the Transformers Movies. the list is endless.  So tonight relax and enjoy UFO Day – do an at home dinner and a movie.

JULY 3. National Stay Out of the Sun Day

The sun is high in the sky during this time of the year ( here in the northern hemisphere) and while we enjoy the long and sunny days, it is also time to remember that we need to take care of our skin. This is National Stay Out of the Sun Day, and though we are not sure of the origins of this day, many assume that it was created to bring awareness to skin cancer which is the second most common form of cancer for adolescents and young adults (ages 15-29) according to dermatologistoncall.com.  The CDC (Center for Disease Control) has tips to remember including- stay out of the sun, seek shade, wear a hat and sunglasses.  Remember the sunglass decorating activity from July--remember to wear them now!


 On this day in 1776, the 13 American colonies declared independence from Britain and eventually, they became the United States of America.  On this day the whole country takes time-off from work to celebrate this history-making event.  As a family shares the history, celebrate with food, fun, crafts and more.

Here are 15 Paleo Fourth of July Recipes You Need to Make this Weekend.   These recipes are so beautiful as well as being full of nutrients, everyone can enjoy them!

July 5.  This is National Graham Cracker Day.  

Graham Crackers were invented in in the 19th century and were = created for and marketed to a vegetarian group called the Grahamites.  They were called Grahamites as they followed the preaching of Sylvester Graham, who believed in a vegetarian diet. (Wikipedia.)



July 6.  National Fried Chicken Day.  

Although this is National Chicken Day in the US.  There are fried chicken recipes everywhere you look.  Treat the family with a grandma's family heirloom recipe or try some of the many out there.  Here are 17 that look unbelievably delicious. Remember Corn on the Cob Day from July?  Add some corn on the cob for wonderful, traditional summer meal. This is a good time to get the kids involved and have them such the corn.  

July 7. This is National Chocolate Day.  

 The smell of chocolate increases theta brain waves, which triggers relaxation.  Did you know that white chocolate isn't really chocolate?  Eating dark chocolate every day reduces the risk of heart disease by one-third. For these and more chocolate fun facts visit Chocolate Fact Slides.  Did you know the Chocolate Chip cookie was an accident? Here it here and some more.    If you have the time and/or energy, get the family together and create a Chocolate Trivia game.  And remember to keep chocolate away from your pets.  It's just not good for them.

This is a simple and fun way for the family to work together to make a memorable dessert. Make chocolate bowls and serve ice cream and toppings for a great summer treat.

July 8.  Math 2.0 Day

 “On July 8 we celebrate the intersection of math and technology. It’s a growing overlap that includes every device in your pocket or bag.”  Summer is a wonderful time to explore the world around us and stem activities can be so much fun.  For the little ones pick from the activities here and for those a bit older there are some interesting things to do here.  Oobleck was always a fun one on our home.

July 9.  National Sugar Cookie Day. 

Did you know that snickerdoodles are sugar cookies?  They are!  To celebrate this day, you can view a very good video on making traditional sugar cookies or try some fun and unusual variations here.  

And for our Paleo followers try these out.  Paleo gluten free sugar cookies or find the sugar cookie among 25 delicious grain free cookies here.  


July 10.

 Take your pick between Pick Blueberries Day and Teddy Bear Picnic Day.  If you want to pick your own Blueberries, try this site.  once picked, you can freeze them for future use them in some of these fun-looking recipes or here or eat fresh from your hand…..   

Teddy Bear Picnics are great fun for the young ones.  Gather the Teddy Bears, dress them up a bit, put a tablecloth in the backyard and serve some cookies and other treats.  Look here for crafts, games and more on Teddy Bear for your picnic.

July 11.  Free Slurpee Day at 7-11.  

The Balance says that there will again be a free Slurpee day at 7 11 stores.  To find a store near you, use this link.  Seven things about Slurpees include that it was an accidental creation and that 7-Eleven customers consume about 14 million Slurpees a month on average; 19 countries serve them. 


July 12.  National Eat Your Jello Day. 

What more is there to say?



Now and then, a day points to a different time and a difference in expressing thoughts.  Simplicity Day is one of these days.  It was a day to celebrate the birthday of Henry David Thoreau (1817-1862) who advised us to simplify our lives.  That desire to live simply is seen in present-day blogs, books, and magazines.  Thoreau can be difficult to read and understand as writing is from a different time, and the sentences are long and sometimes meandering- but it is a beautiful read.  As a family, do some research on Thoreau and compare his desire with simple living to the movement to simplify in today's society.  What can we do to simplify our own lives?  There is a book written to introduce children to this famous author, Henry David Thoreau for Kids.  I will be picking one up for each of my children. The 21 activities look extremely good! And it helps reconnect us to nature.  

June 13.  Nationaal French Fries Day.  

There are so many ways to make french fries.  Pioneer Woman has a great technique that my daughter uses with great success. Paleo Mom has a great take on this treat.  Paleo French Fries!

If you want to use the frozen fries from the grocery store, here are 50 ideas for using those frozen fries, including some international treats.   

June 14. Shark Awareness Day.  

Today is Shark Awareness Day so you can prepare for Discovery Channel's Shark Week which begins July 23. This video is on youtube and also on the Miami Zoo site.

From the Florida Museum of Natural History, we have six educational and fun activities, including a shark mobile, shark word search, coloring pages and more.  The Shark Research Institute has quite a few printable PDFs including mazes, shark facts, amazing shark facts and more.  It is worth a look.  Enjoy and be prepared for Shark Week!

And yes, there really is a National Tape Measure Day.  Originally, the tape measure was invented in England in 1829.  In 1868, Alvin Fellows added the locking mechanism. 

See you soon for some more family fun!

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June family Fun part 2

June family Fun part 2

 June Family Fun Continues.

The FAMILY FUN FOR JUNE starts here!

June 16.     Fresh Veggies Day.  

Have fun being artistic with your food and then eat it.  Create a

  • penguin out of an eggplant,
  • give a pineapple personality,
  • make a sheep put of cauliflower, blue raspberries, and raisins
  • make lady bugs, dragon flies or visit this fun video from the Philippines to encourage children to eat their vegetables.

June 17.  World Juggling Day.  Visit the International Jugglers' Association and find great tips to celebrate this day!

You can learn how to make your own juggling balls here.


Father's Day picnic, F

June 18.  Combine Father's Day and International Picnic Day!   Take Dad on a picnic.

great picnic recipes here.  Who knew Hot Dogs could be so good?

Happy Father's Day!

JUNE 19.  Garfield the Cat Day  

Spend the evening watching Garfield Movies.   You can catch Garfield and Friends on HULU. The Garfield show on Netflix (26 episodes), while Amazon has Garfield: Pet Force available to rent or buy.  The Indianapolis Library offers a variety of activities.  Search this page and find something yu like.. I thought about the Garfield app get a Garfield cartoon every day  — there are over  11,600 Garfield cartoon strips.              

June 20.  Ice Cream Soda Day   The ice cream soda is also known as the Ice Cream Float.  In the late  19th century the delicious dessert was invented by Robert Green in Philadelphia. He had a soda shop in Philadelphia and used carbonated water, syrup, and cream to the new treat. Apparently, Mr. Green ran out of cream one day and decided to use ice cream. It is said that his daily earnings soared from $6 to $600.  It is safe to say that the new ice cream treat was

JUNE 20. is also American Eagle Day.  On June 20, 1782, the bald eagle became our Nation's symbol and national bird.

American Eagle Day

It is a day set aside to commemorate the anniversary of choosing the American Eagle as our National Symbol on June 20, 1782.  It also celebrates the return of a once nearly extinct species. The day was created in 1982 by President Ronald Reagan.  Watch Eagle cams here and here.  Projects the kids may like include making a Bald Eagle from a toilet paper roll, and more.


June 21. Summer Solstice in the northern hemisphere.  The sun does not set at the North Pole on this day and there are 24 hours of sunlight. The Old Farmer's Almanac shares fun and interesting facts and folklore about this famous day.  Enjoy this longest day of the day and take pictures to share on the longest day of the year when many of us are shoveling snow!

World Giraffe Day


This is also World Giraffe Day.  Make a giraffe mask, learn how to draw a giraffe, and find out there are different types of patterns for the 4 species of giraffes.  There are also posters with all types great information to help you understand the history and science of these majestic animals.


June 22.  Enjoy eating on this day which is both National Onion Rings Day and National Chocolate Eclair Day!  Make an easy no-bake chocolate eclair dessert (not a true eclair- but fast, easy and good– in the spirit of the theme of the day!  And about those onion rings….oh so good. For recipes, here are some delicious ideas. You could set up an onion ring bar with a variety of dips.  Use the traditional ketchup and/or explore creative dips to try.  this Pinterest board has a plethora of ideas.   Chipotle, Horseradish, and more.  For the PALEO people, how about Smoked Bacon-Wrapped Onion Rings with Avacado Lime Sauce.  Tha just sounds incredible–

 June 23.   No, This is not a day to celebrate the movie “FROZEN.”  

Let It Go

Even though this day is meant “To Let Go,”  meaning whatever it is that’s been bothering you, let it go. Just let it go. It’ll be a better day afterward.”  But let's Let It Go in another way!  Egg Drop Time.  This is so much fun–Schools do it a lot–partly because it is so fun.  For Instructions and information, you can look here. 

Great American Camp-out

June 24.   It's time for the Great American Campout.  My family spent our summers camping. We saw so much of this country and it was fun. Try one or more of these great activities in your backyard or nearby park—-depending on the activity and in the park check to see if you need permission by calling your Park Board.

  • Games
  • Learn and Explore
  • Crafts
  • Recipes
  • and Campfire Songs

National Museum Comes to Life Day

If you are looking for indoor activities for June 24,  visit these for help deciding which one to visit on Museum Comes to Life Day.

This site offers a good search tool for finding museums in your area.  We live in a very small town area and I was able to find close to ten. 

And finally, museums can be a wonderful place to spend time with your family.  When my group was young we purchased family memberships for the museums in Chicago.  Wonderful!  There are often smaller museums in smaller communities.  When we had our Hobby farm there was a community museum in just about every small-very small community in our area.  Each community, no matter its size, showed its respect for its roots by having a place to share its history.  Take time to look, no matter where you are to find the wonderful place to will help enrich your lives.  And finally, in the Evening, watch one of the Night at the Museum movies and enjoy!  

National Strawberry Day

June 25.  National Strawberry Parfait Day.  

Parfait is French for “Perfect.”  It is said that if originated in  France in 1894.  There it is a frozen dessert, made with a custard. In the US it is made of granola, nuts, yogurt, liqueurs, and gelatin (Jello)desserts made in combination with a topping of fruits or whipped cream.  These ingredients or any combination are layered and served in a tall glass, Usually clear, so that the beautiful layers of the dessert can be seen.

This recipe looks fun…Now is a good day to try it. This simple version takes only a minute or two to create and LOVE them!


June 26. National Chocolate Pudding Day!

This is a wonderful recipe that everyone can enjoy!  Avocados in your pudding? Yep!

There are so many ways to have fun serving your pudding.  Look here for inspiration to make pudding more fun!  And pudding is fun, to begin with.

National Sunglasses Day

June 27.  In honor of National Sunglasses Day, buy several inexpensive sets and decorate them. Stores such as Dollar General and Dollar Tree offer these for $1 for both adults and children.Look for inspiration here or keep the supplies simple and see what you can do with Sharpie Markers.

Paul Bunyan Day

June 28.   The is Paul Bunyan Day to remember and enjoy the tall-tale hero Paul Bunyan. The legendary lumberjack Paul Bunyan and his faithful companion Babe the Blue Ox starred in many of the “tall tales” told in the Midwest during the 1800s, but I have read that every day is Paul Bunyan Day.  He could have been the Superman of the American Midwest in the early days.  One “tall tale,” says that the Land of 10,000 lakes has all those lakes are Paul Bunyan's footprints.  Have some fun with craft ideas and writing prompts.

National Handshake Day

JUNE 29.  National Handshake Day.  The everyday handshake has such an interesting history.    

Can you and your family think of different types of handshakes and add to this list?:

  • The “dead fish”
  • The wimp
  • The “I’ve got you covered” grip
  • The “I won’t let go
  • The sweaty palm
  • The “ringed torture”
  • The “southpaw”
  • The cold & clammy
  • The “macho cowboy”

And there is, just to let you know, handshake etiquette.

National Meteor Day

June 30. National Meteor Day.    You can view a 24-hour live telecast of meteor activity on June 30 at  Asteroid Day.org. Download a POSTER explaining Meteor terminology.  Join Facebook on Facebook and get to see photos and videos. For an interesting kitchen table science activity, Make Craters with Min-Meteors.  Visit NASA.org  for kid's activities, e-books, and apps.  FUN!

 Hope you enjoy your June and See You soon to help give you inspiration for making memories.

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Family Fun Ideas for June pt.1

Family Fun Ideas for June pt.1

June Family Fun Ideas!

Free days, fun days, days to rest and days to explore!

This is a calendar of fun possibilities for you to explore!   It is available in the Resource Library.  You can sign up for this and more.  The Resource Library is growing so that we can provide with a variety of great memory building tips.

Summer has started and there are so many possibilities to create wonderful, long lasting memories….

There are so many dates and occasions to celebrate!  Big Days–Not so Big Days—But every day can be a day to celebrate. There are holidays and special days galore for the month of June?  During June, take some time to look at the Free calendar in this post.  

Then click on the link in the calendar

to get some great inspiration

for planning your fun time.

Take some time to pick your favorites and have fun with your family!

June 1. This is Oscar the Grouch's birthday.   Bake a cake for Oscar. Find out why he is green.

National Donut Day

June 2Donut Day  This fun food day began in 1938 by the Salvation Army. It was created to honor their members who served donuts to the soldiers during WWI. Many donut chains and stores offer free donuts on this day.

Image result for space camp

June 3. First US Space Walk.   For adventurous types, check out the link to Space Camp.  As the mom of a “Space Camper”, we found that this was a great program for my son.  It was so fun and he learned so much.   

How about a family movie night featuring the fun movie Space Camp? Thirty years after its release it is still great! (review here).   If you can find it streaming or otherwise, please let me know. I was able to find it on YouTube.com in sections.  Movies for the older kids in the family are The Right Stuff and Appollo 13. available at Amazon. An alternative is Space Warriors which is a bit newer. 

National Hot Air Balloon

June 4. National Hot Air Balloon Day. 

Continuing on the aviation theme is the First Hot Air Balloon Launch in 1783.  A fun craft for the younger ones (with supervision) can be found here.  For the older kids, how about creating a “real” hot air balloon?  Again adult supervision is always necessary – especially if your kids are like mine were (and still are)!

National Donut Day

June 5. is National GingerBread Day  

Choose one or make all the great Gingerbread recipes found here.   Make a Gingerbread House (instructions here) and watch the story of the Gingerbread Man here.   

June 6.  National Applesauce Day.  

Make your own applesauce and/or up the dish with this delicious sounding Spiced Apple Chutney recipe.

National Chocolate Ice Cream Day


June 7.    Celebrate National Chocolate Ice Cream Day. Find fun National Ice Cream Day facts here!  It's about ice cream in general but is that great too!  How about getting several different kinds of chocolate ice cream and having a Chocolate Ice Cream Bar with fun topping and sprinkles?

National Best Friends Day



June 8.  Best Friends Day…..Make a Friendship Bracelet.   How about World Oceans Day?  This year's theme is “Our Ocean, Our Future.”  Find and event near you!

Donald Duck's birthday


June 9. This is unofficially Donald Duck Day.   Make eating your vegetables more fun by making this Donald Duck Trivet,  or make a useful cup cozy.  Use both a for a for meal or snack!  And for a bit of trivia fun–What is Donald Duck's Middle Name?  Answer found here.

June 10.  This is Ball Point Pen Day.  Who knew this common writing tool had such an interesting history–at least to me.  A history of the pen can be seen here in only 1 minute 20 seconds…  You could write a letter to a friend or family member and mail to using snail-mail.   It's fun to get mail especially from someone you know and love.  For the science-oriented try this….Disassemble a click pen.

National Corn on the Cob Day


June 11. This is National-on-the Cob Day.  I know there are many ways to shuck corn using a microwave but as a corn-on-the-cob purist, I just can't do it.  Here is a good, reliable way to shuck the corn so you can boil or grill it.  Corn Shucking.   Go to a farmer's Market and buy wonderful, fresh, straight from the field corn and take it home and enjoy.

June 12. Magic Day.   Plan your own magic show.  Here are some cute and simple ideas for your show. Get ready to entertain your friends and family and have them ooooo and aawwwwwww.

National Kitchen Klutz'e Day


June 13.  National Kitchen Klutzes Day is a time to celebrate fool-proof or nearly fool-proof recipes.   

Tips for the Kitchen Klutzes in your life.  

Everyone should have a smoke alarm and fire extinguisher in their home—-This is a good reason to have them in the kitchen…..  Kitchen Klutzes.  But it is really funny!

Happy Birthday US Army


June 14.  This is the Birthday of The United States Army.  On 14 June 1775, The Second Continental Congress formed the Continental Army. Its purpose was to fight the British Army in the American Revolution. Under the leadership of George Washington, the army would lead the 13 colonies to victory.  Today's army is composed of over 700,000 soldiers in both active duty and the reserves.  A brief history can be seen at goarmy.com.

We have a volunteer army and if you decide to express appreciation for their service you can visit:

9 ways you can show appreciation on Armed Forces Day or 

write a letter through several sites:  

Soldiers' Angels and OperationGratitude or search for another group that supports our soldiers.

You don't have to send hand-written or typed letters – get creative! Here are some ideas:

  1. Christmas cards
  2. Postcards
  3. Greeting cards
  4. Get your kids involved and send drawings or artwork
  5. Write poem

or find a dependable website that offers information and say “thank you”.

National Power of a Smile Day


June 15.  Power of a Smile Day.  Smiles are Contagious   Smiles are meant to be shared.   Here are 51 journal prompts that would be fun family conversation starters around the dinner table.  Here you can find fun ideas for games, activities and “happy food”.  I watched the video and do not think it is a great addition to the page and you may want to preview it as there is a word or two that some may find objectionable.  

For part 2 of June Family Fun Activities go here     

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