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Hide and Seek is an old, tried and true game that has been played for centuries!

What you need to have a Great Game of Hide and Seek!

Most of all, Hide and Seek Games need active, inquisitive children and space for them to run and hide That's it!

Many versions of the game exist. It dates back to the 2nd century Greece and was described in ancient writings by the Greek writer, Julius Pollux. It is so simple and spread around the world, that it may date back much further.

Hide and Seek is a game that is found throughout the world including Spain, France, Israel, South and Central America (Bolivia, Ecuador, Chile, Honduras and El Salvador) and Nigeria. 

Hide and Seek is best played by four or more players.  It can still be fun playing with fewer children.  It can be played indoors or outdoors–just make sure there are enough space and hiding places.  Preschool children should be paired 2 together and shown how to play the game.

Traditional Hide and Seek

 The person who is “IT” must find the other players who are hiding.

  • Choose who will be “IT“.
  • IT” closes or covers their eyes and counts to 50, or 100 or any designated number. 
  • While “IT” is counting, the other players quickly find places to hide. 
  • IT” then goes looking for the other players. 
  • When he finds a hidden player, that person is then out. 
  • The last player to be found becomes the new “IT
  • And it starts over and continues until time runs out or children run out of energy or focus.

It shows that Simple is Often Best.

For games for Pre-Schoolers see:

We have a reference library that includes  Hide and Seek Variations.

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