11 Quiet Party Games for children

Hosting a kid's birthday party is always a joyous occasion, but it can also be chaotic, especially when you want to calm things down for a while. Engaging children in quiet activities is not only restful for the kids but can provide a much-needed breather for the adults. Quiet games are an excellent way to keep the little ones entertained without the noisy backdrop. Here are 11 fun-filled games that promise to add excitement without the loud volume.

Musical Statues

A classic that never gets old. Turn down the music, and children have to freeze in place when the music stops. The last one moving is out. This game is an easy way to have kids laughing and focusing on the fun.

Simon Says

One of the best games to keep kids attentive with a dose of fun and concentration. The party leader calls out commands, but the players must only follow them if they are preceded by the phrase “Simon says.” It’s a silent game with a lot of potential for giggles and concentration challenges.

Storytime- “a very quiet game

Create a circle and start a story. Each child adds a sentence before passing it to the next person. This game can get wonderfully creative and has children focusing on the narrative thread without bouncing off the walls.


While typically a paper-and-pen game, Pictionary can easily be adapted to a whiteboard or chalkboard if you don't want to risk a mess. Quiet and focused, kids draw out the picture to help their team guess the word. This keeps the little artists absorbed in the game.

Quiet Craft Corner – “a very quiet game

Set up a craft station with materials for kids to make their crafts. This could be something they can take home, like a friendship bracelet, or simply creative, like making animals out of modeling clay. The silent focus on their creations is calming and enjoyable.

Freeze Dance

Similar to musical statues, in Freeze Dance, kids dance to music, but when the music stops, they have to freeze. Unlike statues, however, the kids are free to move during the music, warming them up in a fun and lively way before they cool down instantly when the music ends.

Guess the Sound

This game involves making a variety of noises, some easy to guess like a car horn, others a little more challenging, like a teapot. Children guess the sound, and the one who guesses the most correctly wins. Focused and curious, it’s an excellent game to play with a little hush.

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Memory Game -“a very quiet game

A super easy party game to prepare. Prepare a small tray with several items on it, then cover it with a cloth. Allow the kids to look at the objects for a minute or so, then they must guess what was on the tray. This game keeps the little ones watchful and eager to remember details.

Balloon Keep Up

An indoor-friendly version of volleyball or “keep up,” where kids bat balloons around to each other, keeping them off the floor. No need to risk damage indoors and the soft pats of the balloon keep the playtime sound to a minimum.

DIY Puzzle Challenge

Hand out paper to the kids and ask them to draw a picture on it. Then, they swap papers and cut each other’s pictures to create puzzles for each other. Puzzling and solving are quiet tasks that can be both fun and a source of engaging activity.

Quiet Scavenger Hunt – a hilarious “ very quiet game

This is a typical scavenger hunt but played in silence. Using a list of items or clues, children must search and find the hidden treasures. Emphasizing on searching rather than shouting out their finds, this game can be a serene yet thrilling experience.

Incorporating these games into your kid's birthday party not only keeps the young ones entertained but also ensures that a section of the event remains low-key. It is also a great way to foster qualities like focus and patience, all while keeping the noise level to a minimum. Remember, a perfect birthday bash isn’t about keeping the noise up but ensuring the fun never comes down.

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