Fun Ice Breaker Games for kids Parties

Icebreaker Questions

for kids

to Warm Up Your Party

Ice Breaker Questions for Kid's Parties are non-competitive and fun questions meant to help your party-goers become more about each other. They help and the children get to know each other a little bit more and this allows them to feel more comfortable with each other.

How and Why to use Icebreaker Questions/Games for Children's Parties

Icebreaker games and activities are played at the beginning of your party as your young guests arrive. The games help them learn other's names and possibly their interests. When children do not feel like strangers, they are more comfortable and the party atmosphere is easier to create. You want to create a party atmosphere where children are relaxed and comfortable with each other. In a way, it can help set the tone for the celebration, so it should be fun, relaxed, and inclusive.

Attention Spans by Age for Ice Breaker Questions

Attention spans increase as children grow older. Although research varies, we know that the younger the child, the shorter the attention span.  shared research that stated, “…a study (by) (Gaertner 2008) (stated) that said the normal range for a toddler’s attention span is 3 to 6 minutes. Any longer than that and a child requires full adult support to stay with a task.” In addition, Brain Balance Achievement Centers shared a simple chart that gives general guidelines for attention spans by age.

  • 2 years old: four to six minutes
  • 4 years old: eight to 12 minutes
  • 6 years old: 12 to 18 minutes
  • 8 years old: 16 to 24 minutes
  • 10 years old: 20 to 30 minutes

Any mom knows these things, but it is helpful to have a general guideline for planning activities for parties as well as everyday activities.

Icebreaker Questions for Kids (Toddlers and Pre-Schoolers)

A simple but fun Icebreaker Game that meets the needs of toddlers is BEACH BALL ICEBREAKER. Prep: Get an inflatable beach ball. Inflate it. Have a list of questions prepared for the children to answer. You can read the questions from your list or cut the questions apart and put them into a basket, from which you draw a question. To Play: Ask the children to sit in a circle. Give the ball to a random child, and ask a question. Once the question has been answered, the child with the ball passes either to the child next to them or across the circle. Continue playing until each child has answered at least one question. Questions can be reused. Feel free to add your own. Examples could be:

Questions for Ice Breaker Games for Children's Parties

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Icebreaker Questions for Kids (3-5-year-olds)

Beach Ball Toss –


  • 1 or more Inflatable Beach Balls
  • Permanent Marker

Inflate the Beach Balls. With a permanent marker, write a question on each section of the ball. Play: Sames as above. Examples: Additional Questions You Can Ask.

Ice Breaker Questions for Preschoolers

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Expanding the game for Grade Schoolers

By adding ice breaker questions for kids that encourage your grade-schoolers to share a bit about themselves, add some of the following questions. The following printable will give you some ideas.

Ice breaker questions for grade school kids

Get these Ice Breaker Questions in the Resource Library now!

These questions could also be printed, cut apart, and put into a hat or basket. Ways to vary the Ice Breaker Questions for kids in games: Parties are meant to be fun for all who take part in them.

Taking a bit of time to help make the children have an atmosphere that is friendly will help them feel more comfortable, will help everyone more relaxed and able to have fun together.

Just as Ice Breaker Questions are used in adult work situations to build a well-functioning team, the same concept is so helpful in helping children gain confidence by sharing in a friendly environment.

When kids or adults are comfortable they will enjoy their surroundings and the activities so much more. Enjoy these age-appropriate Ice Breaker Questions and help make your party guests comfortable.

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