Create a Super Simple Dragon Cake

That Kids Will Love!

You can bake and decorate this easy Dragon Cake for your child's party.  Even if you are new to cake decorating, you won't look like a beginner with this fun Dragon Cake DIY.

Birthday parties have become a work of art but it is still possible to have a beautiful, stunning party without losing your mind or money. This cake is great for when there is a lack of time to create every single piece of the cake-which I enjoy doing.  There are those times and this was one of them.  People loved it!

featured image-dragon cake

Years ago, my third son had a Medieval Party Theme. I worked so hard on painting a special castle entrance for the house, designed and sewed simple “armor” and so much more.  I just wish I had added this cake to the plan.  It was a great party and the little guys ran around for days playing knight with the favors from the party (all DIY and cost-effective.) more to come on those items later…..

Here's how to create the cake I wish I had for #3's party!

Since I was the only one at this party with a dietary restriction and because we were in a hurry, we went the super simple route.  Normally, I don't use a cake mix, but there are “those times…..”  And this was one of them.  And people loved it, and the kids liked the bright and colorful dragon.  A win/win!

Supplies and materials:

Dragon Ribbon Flames and

  • Cake mix of your choice (plus eggs, oil, and water as needed in the mix) – (there is a Gluten-free Funetti Cake Mix available also)  The Buttermilk Cake recipe would also work well.
  • Icing (again, we purchased the icing and in a vibrant, bright purple)
  • Decorating sprinkle of your choice (included with the icing for this one)
  • Purchased Curling Ribbon bows (for flames and hair-do)
  • Icing eyes (purchased in the cake decorating section of the store)
  • Bundt Cake Pan


  1. Prepare bundt pan according to package directions. You want to make sure this cake does not stick to the pan when unmolding.
  2. Mix cake according to package instructions.
  3. Bake cake – again according to box directions.
  4. When done, remove cake from the oven.
  5. Allow cake to cool on a cooling rack for about 10-20 minutes or according to the package instructions.
  6. When cool, turn upside down on a cooling rack. (Do this by placing a large plate or cooling rack on top of the bundt pan, and then invert the pan in one fluid motion while holding the plate tight to the pan.)
  7. Allow the cake to cool completely.
  8. Once cool, cut the cake as shown below.

DIY Dragon Cake

Decorating the Cake

STEP 1: Once the cake has cooled, cut it into 2 pieces, as shown.  One piece is slightly larger than the other.

DIY Dragon cake step 1

STEP 2:  Cut a third piece, a small wedge approximately 3 inches.  In this photo, we have removed the front small piece. It will be used soon.

DIY Drafon cake step 2

STEP 3.  As shown, cut another piece near the back of the cake as shown.  It is approximately the size of piece

DIY Dragon cake step 3

DIY Dragon Cake step 4

DIY Dragon Cake step 6

DIY Dragon Cake step 7

DIY Dragon Cake step 7

DIY Dragon Cake Step 9

DIY Dragon Cake step 10

DIY Dragon Cake step 11

DIY Dragon Cake step 12

How to make the wings:

Using the template provided in the Resource Library, trace the wing onto parchment paper.  Turn the template over and trace again. Melt the purple melts.  VIDEO COMING SOOn.


You can choose to create the dragon with ribbon flames and hair, which is wonderfully bright and colorful.

or you can also use candy melts (using a template in the RESOURCE LIBRARY)  to create a candy spine and the very fun wings.

I used “CHOCO MAKER” to melt the candy melts. It is so easy to use and has a very easy clean-up.  The other tool I used, (which I will always use from now on) is the Pastry Icing Pen–love this tool.  It makes creating smooth lines so easy. (Link coming soon)

Hope you enjoyed seeing how this cake is created.  A picture says 1000 words, especially in this case.  If you have questions please email me at and I will get back to you as soon as I can.

To get the tutorial PDF, please opt-in to the RESOURCE LIBRARY 

  Dragon Cake How-to

In the shop (OPENING SOON) coordinating party printables that you can use to make your party extra fun and colorful.

Dragon Mini Candy Bar Wrappers

Enjoy, have fun and make memories,



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