Need to Know Tips for a Great

First Birthday Party

!st Birthday Planning Tips

1st Birthday Tips

Planning a 1st birthday party is a momentous time, especially for parents.  Relax and enjoy it with the people you love.  


At this age, your child will probably not remember this wonderful event and may become overwhelmed by a large, extravaganza.  Keeping it simple will make the occasion relaxed and memorable for you and your friends and family.


2. Location 

Children are comfortable in familiar surroundings.  It a good idea to have this party at home. If for some reason, a nap is needed, you are right there.  Also, any other supplies you may need are at your fingertips.

Plan around Baby's Naptime

3. Nap time 

Plan your party so that it does not conflict with your child’s naptime.

They will enjoy it so much more if they are well rested.  And so will you and your guests.

 Who to invite to the 1st birthday

4. Guest List  

Keep the guest list small. This is a party mainly for family and adult friends.

If there are young children attending the party, it is appropriate for their parents to stay.  Children at this age need adult supervision.

5. Menu 

Keep in mind that your child will need food that you have already introduced. 

Finger foods are good. (Remember the bib!—This could be an occasion for a special bib.)  

Food for the adults can be whatever you wish, if you wish, and may fit the theme you have chosen. 

By making the menu self-serve, you save on work and confusion.  Again – KEEP IT SIMPLE!”


6. Party time  Usually a party 1-2 hours is good for this age.  They tire and may need their naps.


7. Activities


Organized activities are not necessary and may be impossible to carry out at this age.  Provide a play space for the children and make sure they are supervised.

 baby's 1st birthday time capsule

8. Create a time capsule
Ask your guests to write a short letter to give to the birthday at a later time.    

  • Suggestions:
  • Advice for when they grow up
  • Wishes for the future
  • A party memory and memory of the child’s 1st year.
  • Decorate a box and label it To: _____________________

Open on your 21st Birthday!

More Suggestions:

  • Take pictures of the party goers for your child to see what the people looked like when your child was one.
  • Take pictures of the party scene before guests arrive and it gets busy.

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Remember to take enough pictures!  You may want to designate a person to be your event photographer!

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