Children's birthday parties should be a fun and memorable experience. As parents, we are always looking for ways to add that extra bit of excitement to make our kids' parties stand out. One simple solution is to use party signs. Not only do they add a decorative touch, but they also offer directions and information for your guests. In this blog post, we'll discuss effectively using party signs to make your kid's party a hit.

1.  Let Signs Welcome Your Guests and Set the Mood.

Party Signs, including welcome signs, can also be used as decorations inside or outside the venue (home), such as on doors or walls. They can feature images of your child and their birthday, messages of well-wishes, and other creative designs that bring out the party's theme. Yard signs are another great way to spruce up the outside of your home. Use in the yard, front porch, and door.

No matter what type of party you're hosting for your child, Party Signs are an easy addition that can add the right amount of decoration and organization to your special event. With a little creativity and basic knowledge of using them, these simple signs can transform any celebration into an unforgettable experience.

Welcome Signs:

Welcome Signs: Welcome signs are a great way to set the tone for any party. They can be simple and elegant or fun and playful. Consider using a sign at the entrance of your event to greet guests, thanking them for coming and wishing them a good time. You could use chalkboard letters, vinyl decals,  or even make your own sign with paint and brush. Get creative and find a way to personalize the welcome sign to match the theme of your bash!

  • Yard Signs
  • Front Door Signs
  • Large Banner for front of the house

This is a super festive way of letting the whole world know where the party is and who it is for. Enhance Your Palate!

Organizing Signs:

After creating a warm and inviting atmosphere, it's time to get organized. Create directional signs so guests know what areas are off limits or assign designated seating arrangements. You can also use signs to help guide the flow of traffic or to point guests in the right direction. Signs are especially helpful when you're hosting a larger gathering and need an orderly way to manage your guests.

(When working with young ones and non-readers, create signs that are image based. You can also add labels to make it apply to all.)

Signs to include in organizing:

  • Shoes off
  • Gift and card Drop-off area
  • Restrooms
  • Off-Limits (for rooms that partygoers would not enter)
  • Goodie Bags
  • A thank you for coming sign near the exit. It could easily be teamed with the goodie bags.
  • Rest Room

Activity Signs

For extra fun, create activity signs and designate areas for games, crafts, and/or activities. Depending on the activity/craft, the signs could give instructions for any games or activities you’ve planned. For example: if you’re hosting a scavenger hunt, create signs to help guide each team or individual along the way!

  • Individual Game Signs
  • Signs to designate a craft area.
  • Photo Booth Sign

Food Table Signs

Help prevent confusion by providing labels or signs for food and drinks, games, and activities, allowing your guests to find exactly what they need. You can also create signs for your food and beverage table, labeling each dish or drink so everyone knows what they're getting. For guests with food sensitivities, signs are a great way to label foods so they are comfortable eating a particular food. An example would be “Gluten-Free, Dairy-Free, etc.”

Get advice on how many to invite here.

to your child's birthday party,


Party Signs are a great way to spruce up your event and keep it organized and running smoothly. Plus, they can take the stress out of organizing and help make the day run smoother. From welcome signs, food tables, crafts, and games to activity signs, get creative and start making your party the best yet!

So don’t forget to include them in your next party planning adventure! Happy Celebrating! 🙂

Happy Party Planning! 🙂

Want to Plan the perfect Kid\'s party? - Do it with Party signs!